How to choose the agency and what


criteria should be applied to make the sale as fast and effective as possible?


I want to sell my house


We live in the 21st century, so we must adapt to new technologies. Today it is not enough to have the office in the street and wait for customers to enter. We must adapt to that world where the store window is completely digital.

It is important to have an attractive website where the services that the company can provide are explained,

good presence in the most important portals, but the key word is digital marketing. This tool not only reaches the people who are looking for you, but you have to reach those who do not look for you in this way, multiplying your visibility. This is achieved with daily posts on social networks, blogs etc. This task requires a person trained in this domain and working full time. It is not worth that I post 4 photos on the networks and hope for results. It is much more complex, there is a strategy behind each publication.

The professional only after visiting your property should offer you a valuation. The price of an apartment on the first line of the sea with or without views is not the same. Choose a professional! During the sale process you should trust the person who will offer your house for sale. This person must have a multidisciplinary with basic knowledge in construction to be able to inform the future client: what type of modifications could be made in your house, must have knowledge of real estate law and tax administration to be able to accompany and better advise a future buyer so that they do not “Drop” the sale just before going to the notary. An agent with good references works with many referrals without having to go looking further. And finally the advantage for an owner of working with an agent in multi-exclusive, not to have to go to sign with several agencies, also in the ads the address could be much more exact without hiding the details so that the competition does not go to capture the same apartment so the potential buyer has more information about the situation, the ads will appear much higher in the pages because the agency will apply caps, highlights and various expensive methods so that your house appears on the first page. Signing a multi-exclusive means that at the same time the owner signs with 10-20 other agencies in the area.